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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight -- >> we can all imagine a scenario where we go off the fiscal cliff. we can go back into a recession. >> the fiscal cliff reports, but are democrats trying to scare you with massive tax hikes? also chaos in malls across america on black friday. we examine what's behind the holiday hysteria. >> a clear sexism and racism. >> more baseless allegations from the left that racism is fueling criticism of ambassador susan rice. we sounded that alarm about the rise of the muslim brotherhood in egypt.
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now our predictions are becoming a dangerous reality. all of that, plus video of jamie foxx's bizarre tribute to his lord and savior. barack obama? "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> it's clear the democrats spell blood in the water. if a deal is not reached by january 1st, a series of defense budget cuts will mean massive tax hikes reaching every american. we've seen democrats from the president on down using the so-called crisis to ram their left wing agenda down your throat. they want bigger taxes, bigger government. for example, take a look. >> if despite the dangers of going over the fiscal cliff and what that means for our economy,
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that there's too much stubbornness in congress, that we can't even agree on giving middle-class families a tax cut, then middle-class families are all going to end up having a big tax hike. that's going to be a pretty rude shock for them, and i suspect will have a big impact on the holiday shopping season, which in turn will have an impact on business planning and hiring, and we can go back into a recession. >> sean: republicans hate big beared and santa claus. don't buy this hype, such as letting the bush cuts expire, are not the answer to tackling this deficit. in fact, during the 2012 fiscal year the federal government cost $9.7 billion to run each and every day, but the additional revenue from letting the bush tax cuts expire only amounts to around $82 billion a year, meaning the government would be funded for a whopping 8.5 days if in fact the president wins this fight. sadly the real reason we've reached this point is because
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our elected representatives simply have no idea how to stop spending your money. as a result, the door has been kicked wide open for democrats to use this as an opportunity to scare you into thinking more government, well, that's got to be the answer. we've heard all of this before. now during both the obamacare and the stimulus debates, fear mongering was this president's go-to strategy into getting his way. this is what he predicted would happen unless his so-called recovery plan was passed. >> the situation we face could not be more serious. we've inherited an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the great depression. economists across the spectrum have warned if they don't act immediately million more jobs will disappear, the national unemployment rate will approach double digits, more people will lose their homes and their healthcare, and our nation will sink into a crisis that at some point is going to be that much
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tougher to reverse. >> sean: a lot of good that did. what's stopping obama from imposing his will on you yet again? that's where republicans come in. unfortunately over the weekend a handful of gop lawmakers indicated that they'd be open to putting revenue on the table, but as you know revenue, that happens to be the democratic code word for tax increases. that is simply not an acceptable position for any true conservative. republicans were not elected to rubber stamp obama's agenda. they were elected to stand up for specific principles, that being limited government, lower taxes. these are not catch phrases designed to help phony republicans win an election. these are core values that voters send politicians to washington, they want these things protected. no republican that's walking the halls of the house or senate was sent there to cave. they were elected to advocate for fiscal austerity, balancing the budget, making the case why our debt and deficit are simply immoral and unsustainable. and that's why we admire, for example, people like our
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founders around our framers. that's why we hold them in such high regard. we conservatives, we love our country with passionate commitment, and like reagan and thatcher before us, we love our country too much to allow her to follow the path toward decline, social disintegration, and of course bankruptcy, which would lead to irrelevance. even when the public makes bad choices, as they did, for example, in the 1970s, when they elected jimmy carter, or as the british did in the 1930s when neville chamberlain served as prime minister. we'll continue to make our case with all the strength, passion, intelligence we can muster as conservatives. great leaders, they're always asked to do a difficult job, and they don't compromise, they don't waivedon't waver. it's time to cut government spending and do that first. here with more on all of this, neal bortz is back with us.
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welcome to "hannity." >> hey you. how you doing? >> sean: hey you. how many days till your retirement? >> 22 more shows. 22. >> sean: all right. you are a libertarian. i'm a registered conservative. i'm watching this debate unfold. i don't hear anybody advocating for limited government. nobody! where are those people in washington? >> i don't know, sean, e. where are they? i wish we could find some. we certainly didn't have that theme during the campaign. i just heard that clip of obama you played talking about damage to our economy from the so-called fiscal cliff. we really can't hurt the economy any more right now than we did on november 6th. look, this fiscal cliff they're talking about simply isn't high enough for a fatal plunge. when we get to the cliff that we could die on, then they'll start
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talking about less government and cutting spending. >> sean: how much further can you go? i mean $16 trillion, headed to $20 trillion, headed to $25 trillion. look, black friday, this was on drudge, just put up late tonight, literally 200 -- however much it is -- per person in this country, $susa $200 ande dollars, every child born today in debt. seems to me there's a moral case to be made that stealing from your kids and grandkids is one that would resonate. living within your means is one that would resonate. i don't hear anybody discussing it. republicans talk about caving. >> sean, we live in culture where you're greedy to keep the money you earn but not greedy to take away the money that somebody else earns. everything is turned upside down. they're talking about tax increases to save our economy.
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that's like telling a heart patient to eat more fatty foods. it just doesn't work. sean, you cited an interesting statistic a while ago about how long we could fund the government with these taxes increases. do you know if you took the combined wealth of every person making over a million dollars a year, plus the profits from all of the fortune 400 companies, you still couldn't fund our government for one year. you could get maybe to july or august. the problem is the spending. and spending equals power in washington, d.c. and these people are not going to give up power until they have to. and the point at which they have to is when our economy completely starts to collapse, when you see the stock market just bail out, when you see investors bail out. we're not there yet.
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they're not scared yet. >> sean: okay. you wrote a book that oddly -- and by your own words, your own admission, because we've been friends a long time -- called "the fair tax." goes on to become a huge number one "new york times" bestseller. your follow-up book, same thing, bag bestseller. interesting, i represent the mac penny plan. you cut one cent, one penny, out of every dollar that washington will spend. you do that every year for six years, keep gdp spending at 18%, 19%, where historically it's been, and you balance the budget. >> sure. >> sean: that seems like something you could sell to the american people. >> you can sell it -- >> sean: go ahead. >> sean, you can sell it to people who are educated and informed about our economy, but we have a government-educated electorate out there that cannot tell you the difference between a profit and a profit margin, a
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government-educated electorate that buys this nonsense from obama that the rich aren't paying their fair share. these people, the voters we have right now in this country, sean, are exactly the type of voters that the people who created our government education system 100 years ago wanted. low information, uninformed, they don't know what's going on, and they simply react to this rhetoric they get from their politicians in washington, d.c. >> sean: you're saying we've conditioned the american people to be dependent on government. >> sure. >> sean: what is the end result? as you leave the talk industry in 22 shows, what's the state of the country as you look into the boortz crystal ball? >> we are in decline. we are going to continue to decline until we reach a cliff, that we went over it would be a fatal plunge.
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so i love this country, sean. i had two parents who served in the military. now buried in a national cemetery. my brother was in the navy. this is a wonderful country. but you can't keep whistling past the graveyard. we are in decline. we are in the decline that barack obama wanted, because he thinks this country has been an evil colonial power, an oppressor for all these years, and we're just going to have to get much more desperate straits before the people say, wait a minute, maybe i haven't been paying enough attention here. >> sean: all right. neal boortz, you're not retiring fully, because we will call upon you often. good to see you. >> absolutely, sean. have a great christmas. >> sean: you too, buddy. coming up, it's one of the most outrageous examples of liberal hypocrisy. you won't see this anywhere else in the media. senate democrats apparently want to silent republican opposition by making changes to the
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filibuster rule, but just a few years ago they were singing a different tune. we'll show you what the media won't show you. >> this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> sean: democrats have gone a step too far, senate democrats with hairy reid leading the charge want to drastically change the filibuster egypt in order to oppose the republicans' opposition to certain legislation. look at what they said when president bush and the republicans were power. >> senate democrats represent the last check. republicans want to eliminate this check and give president bush power no president has ever
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had. the ability to hand out lifetime federal judgeships without consensus from the other party. never happened before. they think the senate should be a rubber stamp for this president -- i guess every president -- even if that president wants radical supreme court nominees and judges who will roll back our rights. >> everyone in this chamber knows that if the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting and the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse. >> changing the rules of the senate has a long life to it. it's a precedent set in the senate that we will have to live with for decades to come. >> this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab by the majority party. >> sean: i can't wait to see how liberals will spin those old
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comments. joining with me reaction tucker carlson, kierstan powers. >> it's shocking to see there's hypocrisy in washington. mortifies me when we discover it. this is the game in washington whenever people find it's to their advantage to change the rules, they try to change them. i know harry reid is making a lot of noise about union unilaty change the rules, but i still think they'll have an agreement on moving forward with the filibuster. >> sean: is barack obama right when he said this was not our founders intended? was joe biden right in saying this was arrogance in power, a fundamental power grab? were they right then? where are their voices now?
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>> good question. i'll jump in. let me just say, yes, i think he was right. it failed. the republicans' attempts to do this then failed. i hope this fails now. what is interesting now, the amount of bitterness now in the senate, which is a place that gets along pretty well. a lot of bipartisan friendships there. the hatred -- that's not too strong -- focused on harry reid a budgetable, both for his forward going on the fourth year, for his unwillingness to consider republican amendments. i was up the other day talking to republican senators, and the anger they feel at harry reid is as i've never seen it in watching the congress. he's truly despised. that's not good news. makes it hard to do anything there with that level of anger. >> sean: look, hillary clinton, it's reid, it's biden and obama. we've got the same players. the most outspoken critics of getting rid of the filibuster. hillary actually said, it's less
9:19 pm
efficient. that's right. it's deliberately designed to be that way. again, there's a compliant media, doesn't call them out on their hypocrisy. i don't know of anybody else in the media playing what we just played, kirsten. that's disappointing. seems like they're not doing their job in asking fundamental questions -- why are you laughing? >> you don't want to get me started on the media these days. you're not going to get disagreement out of me. of course they should ask questions. of course they should hold both sides equally accountable, but that's not the way things seem to work anymore. i think on this issue, i don't -- first of all, i don't think it's going to turn into what we're talking about. i don't think he'll act unilaterally. tucker is right, he's disliked. in the democrat party, i think people were hoping he would lose and chuck schumer would become the leader.
9:20 pm
the filibuster, the way it's been used, actually has been kind of a problem. you know, both sides -- >> sean: why is it a problem? >> well, because there's a lot of -- you don't even really filibuster anymore. >> sean: so you want a real filibuster, where mr. smith goes to washington, he stays up all night and he filibusters? >> it should be transparent. it shouldn't be under the cloak of darkness, where the american people don't realize that people are putting a hold on things, obstructing things. >> sean: all they really to do is to threaten a filibuster. >> exactly, that's right. >> yeah. i don't think that's a very efficient way to operate. i'm no -- >> basically what you're looking at is a body that requires a real consensus. you need 60 votes to do anything. it's been that way for my lifetime. it will be that way going forward. again, it's not a majority rules deal. it's not the house of representatives. it wasn't designed to be one.
9:21 pm
it's comedy, as they say. people get along, think things through, supposed to be more moderate omoderate than the hou. you don't want a firebrand, cable show type body. it's the senate. >> sean: might be better actually. >> but somebody's got to beat you and -- >> sean: some adults in the room. i'm not sure if that's effective as of now. >> you're right. >> sean: maybe if they passed a budget. let's start there. >> good point. >> sean: do your constitutional duty. that would be a good start for the senate, harry reid. >> amen. >> sean: guys, good to see you. coming up, when democrats get desperate, what do they do? they pull out the race card. we'll explain which well-known newspaper, by the way, is calling republicans racist for questioning what ambassador rice knew about the benghazi. we'll get to that and much more
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the reloadable card with no-fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. and no headaches, hassles or confusion. all for one flat monthly fee. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >> sean: more of president obama's liberal allies in the mainstream media are flocking to the defense of u.n. ambassador susan rice for the role she played this this administration's cover-up of the benghazi terrorist attack. once again, they're using the race card to do it. this time it is coming from "the washington post" in an article written by the editorial board entitled the gop's attack on susan rice. it reads in part, "could it be as members of the congressional black caucus are charge that they're targeting ms. rice because she's an african american woman." they deny that, and we don't know their hearts.
9:26 pm
signatories, nearly half are from the forme form confederate. everybody knew within two or three days that this was a terror attack, except the obama white house. five sunday shows. the president two days later can't answer if it's a terrorist attack. call him out o on it, and it's race card, four more years. >> you can't color-code criticism. this is nothing to do with her skin color, susan rice. it's all about her competency. she misled the american people. that is what happened. americans want answers. those poor families of these american heroes who were killed, playing the race card that is totally taken that off the table and the debate has been shifted to someone's race when in fact
9:27 pm
it has nothing to do with race. >> sean: michael, i've known you a long time. we disagree on politics. you don't play the race card. in all the time i've known you, you're never come on this program and said something that is racial or accused republicans that you disagree with of having some type of racist motives. isn't there a danger in the strategy that, you know, the dog whistle strategy of msnbc commentators, for example? >> yes. it has nothing to do with race or gender. it's flat-out politics. i think you and i will agree on that. i think that's what this is about. i think in all fairness to ambassador rice, she was given specific information and that's what she relayed. that's the information she shared with the american people. doesn't make her a liar, incompetent. it means she got information that wasn't correct.
9:28 pm
>> sean: let me agree with you to a point. i don't blame her as much as the president two weeks later when asked a direct question, he's still referring to a youtube video that had nothing to do with it. our state department was watching this in real time. david petraeus said he knew mudslide instantaneously this was a terror attack. >> where was hillary clinton, petraeus true t to go on televie way susan rice race? i think she was put up, a scapegoat. >> sean: that may be the most fair analysis i've heard. >> i probably won't agree with that. >> sean: why not? >> when you look back at the tenure of condoleezza rice, the whole weapons of mass destruction, they were never there, never found. >> called all kinds of names, those on the left trying play the race card. >> and now people on the right are trying to duty same thing.
9:29 pm
>> sean: the washington editorial board, did members of the republican party accuse critics of colin powell and condoleezza rice of being racist? no, that didn't happen. >> you'll never hear me defend "the washington post," however i do get -- there are issues related to the parallels between condoleezza rice's tenure and susan rice's related to what kind of goes on when people make mistakes. >> i disagree. the congressional black caucus -- >> it doesn't mean people are liars or incompetent. it means the information they were given is incorrect. >> i question her credibility, because she went along with those talking points. if she's so bright and smart, she should have done research and come to the conclusion that this was the anniversary of september 11th. that's a hint in a hat for anybody. she was used. >> sean: the president and the administration, in the middle of an election, did not want the truth to come out about benghazi. they knew better than what they were saying. that level of dishonesty, you've
9:30 pm
got to admit two weeks later, you knew it was a terrorist attack, and the president blaming a youtube video. everybody knew, but he wouldn't say it. he wouldn't say it because he wanted to get re-elected. that ought to be troublesome to everybody, democrat or republican. >> he also couldn't have been saying because he wasn't sure. that's what a leader does, a leader makes sure before they put the information out that they have all the correct information. no one is suggesting that -- >> sean: if he wasn't sure -- >> no one is suggesting that the chain was correct related to the information. that doesn't make her a liar. >> sean: if he wasn't sure, then he shouldn't have said it was a youtube video. >> and shouldn't have sent out susan rice to talk about this. it wasn't her area. >> i agree, just like they shouldn't have sent out condoleezza rice. >> her relationship work ethic d and -- why is it a double
9:31 pm
standard, the race card being played now when -- >> sean: the bottom line it's ugly, if you say chicago, urban, racist. we diminish the impact of real racists by -- it's like the person that calls wolf. >> that's right. >> sean: it's now a general tactic that's dividing the country. >> they do it all the time. they do it effectively. why do you think over 90% of blacks voted for obama with the left playing the race card? >> maybe they cared about his policies and the republican policies didn't work for african americans. how do you make the argument of 39% of white folks voted for obama, too? >> sean: we got to run. it's an ugly but effective campaign tactic. >> it is ugly. it's unfortunate, because it's dividing the country. >> sean: good to see you guys. appreciate it. coming up, can't say we didn't warn you. violence erupts in egypt after
9:32 pm
president morsi grants himself unmitigated power? what does this mean for america and its allies? and we'll ask did president obama
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>> an unmitigated power grab by the 9/11 truther of egypt has sparked deadly riots on the streets of cairo and beyond tonight. over the weekend former muslim
9:36 pm
brotherhood leader muhammad morsi granted himself sweeping powers that could allow him to be a virtual dictator. while the white house waits to respond to the first middle east elected muslim vice president, for months on end we were sounding the alarm on this very program about the real threat posed by morsi and his allies in the radical organization known as the muslim brotherhood, but of course our president and his unwillingness to sit down with everybody and anybody, while he ignored the obvious warning signs, including morsi's 9/11 mn inside job -- by the way, let's not forget, morsi referred to the israelis as animals. instead the president applauded what he called "genuine democracy." remember this? >> the people of egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard, and egypt will never be the same. for egyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine
9:37 pm
democracy will carry the day. >> sean: wrong again. that genuine democracy that the president spoke of is now fading fast in egypt, and sources have confirmed to fox news that mobs are preparing to return to the streets of cairo tomorrow for yet another day of demonstrations. joining me now with more on this my guests. michael, here's a guy that refers to the israelis as animals, supports hamas in this latest conflict, the hamas charter calls for the destruction of israel, and you were on this program telling me everything's going to be fine. this is democracy. now the radical islamist has grabbed all the power and obama is giving him credibility. now tell me you support what happened in that here square is a good thing.
9:38 pm
happened in tahrir square is a good thing. >> i'm hopeful about the egyptian people. they're not going to let this radical muhammad morsi take over power. >> sean: he already has. >> sean: he called himself god, but three things against him, sean. the military is against him. the protesters are against him, the egyptian people. >> sean: are they going to rise against him, assassinate him, get rid of him? >> absolutely. protesters are wounded in a demonstration against this morsi guy, and i think it will continue. people will win in the end. i am very hopeful about that. they fought for this freedom. they're not going to let -- they're just not going to let morsi walk with it. morsi is a very dangerous man right now, sean. you are right about it. >> sean: well, i was right. you told me he would turn out to be moderate, and he didn't turn out so well. >> he did not, he did not.
9:39 pm
>> sean: bridget, the greater likelihood -- tell me if i'm wrong -- we'll see people mowed down and oppressed, that if they rise up against this radical islamist. what's the more likely outcome? >> exactly what's going to happen, those uprising against him are going to be mowed down. we are witnessing before our own eyes a revolution like the iranian revolution in 1979. let's not forget, it was the majority of the people in egypt that elected morsi, elected the muslim brotherhood, and game 7 the musliand gave themuslim bro. over 70% in somethings want thaa law. we're seeing a dictatorship in the making.
9:40 pm
>> sean: was this radical islamist given a win, and was hamas given credibility whose charter calls for the destruction of israel, giving billions in aid? >> yes, they did, because what this administration is blind to is the fact that hamas is an offshoot of the muslim brotherhood. hamas looked at morsi with respect because he's a leader in the muslim brotherhood. basically we have the morsi and muslim brotherhood camps together coming, fooling the israelis in the world, with a truce, so hamas can rearm itself and come back with a confrontation. >> sean: i agree with you. i think obama and clinton gave hamas and morsi a win here. here's the question here, michael. why don't we cut off any aid to egypt unless and until they have
9:41 pm
real democracy? would that be fair? >> i am with you, and it is fair. but remember charles krauthammer on your show a few months ago, he was against it, because it's going hurt the relationship between israel and egypt. from that point he was not in favor of that. you agreed with him on that. we need to stop if they don't behave. >> sean: they're not behalfing. obama is sending hillary clinton -- go ahead. >> we need to stop -- >> they're not listening. they are abusing the funds. >> i agree. agree, bridget, and that's why we have a control, we can stop the funding, and have them come to washington, d.c. and lay out the rules. these are the ground rolls for r you to receive the funding. if you don't do this, we're not going to give you funding, support you either. >> our country needs the money
9:42 pm
more than egypt. >> sean: great point. very good point. we do need the money more than egypt. where's the worst place to be on black friday? in front of a victoria's secret. black friday shoppers, that was inside a victoria's secret store. we'll ask the question, what's causing all this? and later, is obama mania resurfacing? jamie foxx looks to this god-like worship of the president. we've got the video right here we've got the video right here on "hannity." [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> sean: black friday once again bringing the best out of the american people. we had riots, fights, injuries, all too common, as shoppers all around the country racing to stores, hoping to land the biggest bargains. here with reaction from the fox business network charles payne and nina easton. guess it's better than the 50 million americans on food stamps, which is a record number. nice to see people shopping. the most dangerous place in the country on friday was at a victoria's secret apparently. >> yeah. although it had some competition around the country, different malls. you know, we've sort of seen these feeding frenzy things before, but we get them more and more every single year. it's crazy, it's bewildering, but what i find interesting, sean, i tell people all the time, you want to know what kind of economy we have, if you want to blame the rich, you know,
9:47 pm
you're always upset with what this country is all about, people rushing cannot wait -- particularly poor people -- can't wait to give their money away, that they've got to wrestle a security guard, beat each other up to spend their last nickel for a bra or pantyies. >> sean: why in victoria's secret, for crying out loud? people are brawling and rioting. first it's cabbage kids, nina. it's tickle me elmo, which in light of what we now know -- or the allegations that have been made, i guess that that won't happen. you got sneakers, bras. why? i don't get it. >> one thing it's not, sean, is the economy. four years ago, 2008, i don't know if you remember this, but there was -- it was very strong holiday sales, and the economy hadn't quite gone in the tank yet. and people -- 2000 people stormed a wal-mart on long
9:48 pm
island and actually killed a worker there. on the same day, across the country, in california, a couple of guys decided to show their machismo in a toys-r-us by pulling out guns and shooting each other. this is not new. it's not something you can blame on the economy. what you can say, though, is that if retailers are going to whip up all of this enthusiasm or decadence, that they should give a sense of no tolerance for any kind of this behavior. >> nina, i got to tell you, you're going down a dangerous path here, blaming the retailer. reminds me when nike comes out with a new sneaker and people on food stamps go there and leave their kids in a car, and all of a sudden urban league is blaming nike for being responsibility. accountability is accountability. >> charges i'm not blaming the retailers per se. i'm saying personal responsibility. it's about the people's behavior. but i think retailers for their
9:49 pm
own protection need to send out more of a zero tolerance policy. can't blame it on a bad economy. >> sean: there's a cultural phenomenon that whatever the it thing is -- i mentioned over the years, cabbage cats, tickle me elmo, sneakers, whatever it is, people have to have it that second. >> right. >> sean: why? >> right. well, it's obviously part of the commercial culture of our country, that it whips people up into this frenzy. and interestingly enough, it's funny to read the foreign press, they love to laugh about this every year, our behavior on black friday. i think it's actually going ebb, though, sean, because more people are buying things online, and actually -- and shopping days are actually being spread across thanksgiving week. >> sean: look at this. people brawling over crap. >> yeah. you now have more people shopping on other days. it's obscene. it's absolutely obscene, this
9:50 pm
behavior. yeah. >> sean: i'll be honest, last place i'd ever want to go to on a day like this where it's so busy is a mall. >> yeah. i know it. >> how about the fact that stores are now open on thanksgiving, so people leave their thanksgiving dinners to go to these sales? >> sean: you know, i'm sorry, but there's certain days you have to work. there are news days. if there's news on christmas, big news, you'll be working, i'll be working, charles will be home celebrating. >> as usual. >> sean: i'm only kidding. all right, guys, good to see you both. appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: coming up, hollywood is looking to reignite the flame that was once obama mania. obama godlike? you won't believe what jamie foxx is now calling the president. he's taken it to a new level of obama worship. maybe he has an alter at his house and lights candles before he goes to bed every night. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." just when we thought there was a fascination with the anointed one might be dying down, we're reminded of obsessed left wing celebrities really are with president obama. listen to oscar-winning actor jamie foxx at soul train awards
9:55 pm
last night. >> first of all,. >>give an honor to god, and our! >> sean: here with reaction to that bizarre comment and much more, comedian paul mercurio, and radio talk show mary walter. you work why jon stewart -- >> he's not african american. >> sean: what does have to do with it? he worships obama. he worships him. >> i just do the warm-up. i'm a little monkey boy. that's all i am. let's get to it. okay, i understand how african americans, jamie foxx, could be very proud -- >> sean: lord and savior? >> let me get to it. they're proud of their heritage, proud obama is in the white house, and good for them. yes, it's over the top. he's not our savior. you don't need obamacare if you
9:56 pm
have -- if he's the savior, he should be able to cure us. >> sean: that's true. >> sean: he's like jesus, because like jesus obama gave gifts to the poor to curry favor. >> sean: why doesn't he point out the failure? >> i'm not here as a representative. >> sean: you're friends with the guy. >> it's like your staff. i'm not allowed to make eye contact with him. it's the same thing with you. >> sean: that's not true. i'm start pulling them in one by one. >> he fired three people on the commercial break. >> sean: i haven't fired three people in my whole life. >> why do they have rose petals that go from the dressing room to the desk? >> sean: are you done? listen, i understand why some people like obama, they believe in socialism, redistribution. we've become an entitlement society. i get it. the country has moved a little center left, as evidenced, paul
9:57 pm
love, legalization of marijuana in colorado. gay marriage was rejected by 30-odd states. now it's illegal. the point is the country has moved. >> i agree with you, but part of this whole thing, maybe a conspiracy theorist, i'm seeing something paul won't see, but it's part of this the intellectually superior don't need the crutch of religion, those of us clinging to our guns and religion. we're somehow less evolved. it's about a societal religion as opposed to a church religion, because if the government gives you everything, the government becomes your religion, and he's our leader. >> sean: i don't get this. if you listen to leaders, they'll say romney's 47% comment played a big role in this election. >> right. >> sean: but obama can talk about bitter people in the midwest and in pennsylvania that cling to their guns and bibles with antipathy to those not like
9:58 pm
him, he gets a pass. >> right. >> sean: why isn't it equal? >> i'm not going to defend jamie foxx, because i think he went over the top -- what's that? >> sean: i said why does obama get away with it and romney doesn't? >> i don't think he gets away with it. they get their shots, they take their shots and shots are taken at them. the bigger issue with the republican party, maybe they have to be more moderate to appeal to more people. >> sean: but if the 47% -- >> i really believe that. i think there are a broader base of people tying in to what the democrats have to say than what the republicans have to say. >> sean: but if the analysis were correct that, the 47% comment, that the media ran with, played such a big role, then why didn't the comments of bitter people with guns and religion play as big a role if there was a fair -- >> it was not the message that the media wants out there. i don't understand the media putting all their eggs in this liberal basket. i don't understand it, what it does for them.
9:59 pm
>> sean: i can explain that. they got their guy elected. >> wouldn't they do better by doing investigative journalism? >> jon loves obama. >> i don't think there was a lack of message that got through to the republicans or through the right wing media, and that's why obama got elected and mitt romney did not. i mean, what is this moment represent to me that jamie foxx had? it's a guy that's over the top, african american performer, at the soul train awards, he had to do that. he'd get thrown out of -- >> why does he have to? >> sean: lord and savior? >> look, it's hyperbole. >> sean: let me ask you a question. is there a racial difference, if somebody is white, they make racial jokes -- >> yes. i think there is. i think that's


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